Multi-Cloud Management

Make your life easier with Multi-Cloud Management

With a large percentage of enterprises using three or more clouds, it has now become the key to enterprise agility. But working across multiple clouds from multiple vendors poses complex challenges and system resources along with the inherent costs involved with using multiple cloud platforms, and so choosing the right MSP for this cloud management role can prove difficult.

If you are looking to gain a single view of your cloud environments, without losing functionality and at a cost-effective price, Primenet can help with your multi-cloud data management requirements. We have proven experience providing multi-cloud managed services, and have specific tools and capabilities to successfully deploy hundreds of Kubernetes clusters on multiple cloud environments globally, with minimum deployment times and sound system management once up and running utilising our own Cloud Management Platform (CMP).

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Enable your IT as a Cloud-native internal service provider

We can also introduce SD Wan technologies for higher latency and access to your global network.

  • Positively drive your organisation’s objectives through simplifying multi-cloud management and connecting your existing private Cloud services with any public Cloud services
  • Position IT as the technology partner to all areas of your organisation

Go beyond the boundaries of traditional IT

With Cloud technology now driving digital innovation, the IT team is no longer just tasked with keeping the lights on; in order to meet demands for cloud services, IT must be a strategic business enabler. However, managing legacy applications, monitoring changing requirements and maintaining service availability still present day-to-day challenges for IT, and major obstacles to innovation.

Our CMP both simplifies and optimises cloud management for your IT, helping it go beyond traditional boundaries and deliver cloud services with maximum agility.

Multi-Cloud Management and the Power of One

To support innovation, you’ll need multiple best-of-breed cloud environments; a single cloud provider is too restrictive. But multiple cloud providers bring the sort of complexity that can slow your IT function down. Our Power of One initiative is designed to cut through this complexity and enable IT as a truly cloud-native internal service provider. It’s about giving our customers one service model, one provisioning model, and one central bill for all of their public and private cloud services. Our CMP makes this possible, bringing together control, automation and deep integration into a single operational model. You’ll be empowered to consolidate and manage all your Cloud services through one centralised, single-screen control plane. The Power of One frees your IT team to deliver new services and innovate without limits.

Management and Operations

Consolidate usage reporting and auditing across all your clouds. Bring together and link IaaS and PaaS, into management and operations tasks. Discover and analyse brownfield environments. Gain actionable insights for budgeting and capacity planning, enabling you to greatly reduce costs.


Intelligent analytics of usage, utilisation, and cost of current infrastructure provides the increased visibility to optimise resource allocation. Gain control and lower multi-Cloud costs across traditional, private, or public Clouds and app running on bare metal, VMs, or containers.


Accelerate DevOps workflows with self-service provisioning and automation. Build and deploy server images or multitier application stacks that span multiple Clouds. App-centric configuration templates blend declarative scripting with procedural workflows, adding self-service and RBAC to all major configuration management tools.

Governance and Control

Assure predictable control to enforce governance and enable auditing. Provide turnkey application templates with the confidence of secure multi-tenant design. A policy engine provides role-based access control of every action, integration and Cloud platform and integrates into existing security tools.


  • Optimisation in-life
  • Simplified interface
  • Full ITIL integration
  • Automation & Orchestration
  • Centralised visibility and control of all Cloud services


  • Accelerate time-to-value
  • Maximise operational resources
  • Reduce and manage Cloud costs
  • End-user satisfaction
  • Simplify flexibility, mobility and automation

Multi Cloud Management FAQ's

What is multi cloud management?

A multi-cloud platform is where an organisation uses more than one cloud platform that each delivers a specific application, service, cloud asset, software, etc. To achieve this, a datacentre or company maintains the cloud computing and storage services in a single heterogeneous architecture from a different service provider. A multi-cloud strategy not only provides more flexibility on choosing the cloud services to but aims to eliminate the reliance on any single cloud provider