G-Cloud 12

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G-Cloud 12 came to an end on 27th September 2022. Don't worry - Primenet are proud to have been awarded Lots for G Cloud 13! Expect to see the same technology development patterns and services continuing on G-Cloud 13 - Find out more.

G-Cloud 12 Framework for Public Sector

Innovate faster and deliver on your business needs with Primenet. We enable public sector organisations including Schools, Universities, Councils, NHS Trusts, Central Government Departments and Police Forces to buy IT services more quickly and efficiently than traditional procurement methods. 

When you work for the government, you need to know that your business is supported with reliable, round-the-clock, robust solutions that cover security, Cloud management and infrastructure.

Our G-Cloud 12 Framework does just that and is available on the UK Government Crown Commercial Service (CSS). All public sector organisations, including agencies, and can use the CCS Digital Marketplace for IT services — and it often works out much faster and cheaper than choosing individual contracts.

Crown Commercial Service Supplier G CLoud logoPrimenet works with a number of industry-leading partners, experienced in providing high quality, future-proof solutions for the Public & Government Sector. Our dedication to providing reliable, round-the-clock operational and IT support services, along with a portfolio of infrastructure, security and cloud management services all supported by a high-quality customer experience are part of the reason why our solutions and services are available on the new UK Government Crown Commercial Service (CCS) and G-Cloud 12 framework.

As a G-Cloud 12 supplier, Primenet is able to provide public sector organisations with approved, cutting-edge cloud solutions that will aid them in their digital transformation objectives, all in an effortless, reliable way. Being approved by the CCS for inclusion in the G-Cloud 12 Framework is a great endorsement for Primenet, and the industry-leading IT solutions and services we provide.

About G-Cloud 12 and the Digital Marketplace

All public sector organisations, including agencies and arm’s length bodies, can use the CCS Digital Marketplace for their IT procurement, with services selected through G-Cloud frameworks working out faster and cheaper than entering into individual procurement contracts.

Services available on the G-Cloud framework are divided into:

Businesses of any scope and size can benefit from G-Cloud 12 services, which look after your data, help with hosting and can even be used for migration services.

  • Cloud hosting – platform or infrastructure services for processing and storing data, running software or networking. For example, content delivery networks or load balancing services
  • Cloud software – applications that are accessed over the internet and hosted in the cloud. For example, accounting tools or customer service management software
  • Cloud support – services to help you set up and maintain your cloud software or hosting services. For example, migration services or ongoing support

Primenet Services & Solutions available to procure on the G-Cloud 12 Framework include:

  • Primenet Backup as a Service – Forget sleepless nights. With our reliable back-ups, you’ll never lose that important data. This service is based in the Cloud, with all data residing in the UK. Click here to find out more
  • Primenet Maintenance for Dell EMC – It’s so important to know your data is secure. Check files are safely stored and backed up, with 24/7 support from our Service Desk, 365 days a year. Click here to find out more
  • Data Erasure as a Services (EaaS) – Disposing of data can be tricky, especially if it contains personal or sensitive information. We make it easy with EaaS, which permanently erases data from hard disk drives and solid state drives (like flash drives), covering both computers and servers. Click here to find out more
  • beSecure Cloud VAM (Vulnerability Assessment and Management) Solution – Our trusted solutions stay one step ahead. Based in the Cloud, beSecure assesses security threats in real time and helps improve network security as you go. Click here to find out more
  • Remote Cloud Service Desk and Onsite Support Services – Every business is unique, so instead of a one size fits all approach, we offer remote and UK-based services to manage your IT solutions in the way that best suits you. Click here to find out more
  • Managed SOC (Security Operations Centre) service – Our fully managed security service can be tailored to businesses of any size. Using both AI and human input, you’ll get the best of both worlds, and it’s all managed by our best-in-class IT engineers. Click here to find out more
  • Lookout Mobile Endpoint Security & Post Perimeter Security and Antivirus Software – We know how important it is to counteract threats to your business, which disrupt processes and cost time and money to fix. With real-time analysis of risks like malware and phishing links, our security solution detects threats before they happen to keep mobiles secure. Click here to find out more

Our Certifications

As well as our range of trusted and robust IT services, we work hard to offer the best possible customer service and support, while providing the experience you expect.
Here’s what makes us different.


  • Our offices in Stevenage, UK and Frankfurt, Germany have both received ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certifications. The first ensures customers get reliable, high-quality goods and services, while the second guarantees you have the right security management measures in place to protect your people, your clients and your data.
  • With a global client base, we’re well known for our commitment to customer excellence, which has led us to create long-term, meaningful partnerships with clients across various sectors. What’s more, we’re used to being agile in our approach — so we’ll fit round your needs.
  • We’re proud to hold vendor partner status with a range of industry leaders including NetApp Gold, Microsoft, Cynet, Check Point, Arcserve, Dell EMC, Dell Technologies, DELL OEM, Fujitsu and VMWARE. It all means you can trust us with your IT, like Cyber Security, Managed Services, Maintenance and more.
  • Our engineers are the best in their fields and we employ innovative experts who thrive in new technologies. We’re constantly learning and keeping up with new innovations to support our customers on every technology stack, whether through the data centre, on-site, in the Cloud (or hybrid) or even through Linux.ISO 9001 Certified Badge PrimenetISO 27001 Certified Badge

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The Primenet Promise

We protect business-critical systems with a choice of support to match your needs. From options available 24/7 and 365 days a year, to four-hour, eight-hour, and next business day support (and everything in between), we’ll create a tailored IT solution that saves you time, effort and money.