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We provide expert storage services for large businesses and data centres, complete with unique network security solutions. To do so, we carry out installation and maintenance services in partnership with some of the world’s best known and respected vendors, EMC, Dell and NetApp, including full data migration and installation, innovative data storage and data centre security.

Network Security

Detecting network threats early with TrapX prevents system-wide infections.

Dell EMC Support

Maintenance and support is required for EMC’s systems to ensure that they continue to deliver optimum peak performance without any errors.

NetApp Support

Worldwide availability on support and maintenance services for Netapp systems.

Expert data migration, installation & support – From business partners of Dell EMC and NetApp

Ongoing maintenance is crucial for keeping your system in peak condition, operating at its best without errors and delivering the constant stream of information you expect without any hitches. Our maintenance and support services include 24 / 7 remote monitoring, diagnosis and repair.

  • Full data migration and installation
  • 24/7/365 support on EMC, Dell and NetApp equipment
  • Worldwide maintenance, repair, and support
  • Parts stocked locally and nationally, including fully tested OEM parts
  • Supported by one of the world’s favourite cloud security solutions, TrapX, an innovative new company that’s the first to use Virtual Honeypot techniques to catch hackers and identify hidden vulnerabilities.
  • Vmware and Hyper-V implementation / support
  • Effective configuration management
  • An impressive level of client service


We can upgrade your hard drives, disk cache, channel directors and adapters to your system, and modify your bin file with updated hardware. And we can migrate all your data from your existing server storage devices to your new storage system or new network infrastructure.

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